Hello, my name is Bryann Cervantes and I am an aspiring media creator, I love to create using any medium that I find interesting. I strive to explore my creative thoughts and hope that in the future I can refine my skills to the point where I can do this full time. This is a place to see what I have currently accomplished and motivation to keep doing more. Hopefully through this, you can learn more about me than I could possibly tell you.

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Recent Blog Posts

StMU Update Radio News

A brief podcast that taught me the value of radio hosts. While doing this assignment I found it extremely difficult to correctly enunciate words and bringing life to the script was much harder than I would have ever imagined, so I now have a newfound respect for people who do this every day. I also … Continue reading StMU Update Radio News

Chicken Strips

Carmen Cervantes, mother of StMU student Bryann Cervantes, prepares her favorite dish Chicken Strips and tells us a little bit more about how she fell in love with cooking and offers some tips.

Gaming with Ryann Cervantes

I was able to interview my brother Ryann Cervantes and get to know more about his passion of playing video games at a competitive level and some misconceptions.